Azure provides flexible room for growth

Net 2018,  2018-05-21

Fujitsu builds solutions for Microsoft’s Azure cloud service together with its clients as well as helps to manage them. With its Hybrid IT services, Fujitsu has helped its clients for years in using cloud services easily. According to analysts, Azure’s market share is now growing faster than its competitors’.

Thomas Häggström

Azure helps businesses focus on the essential. IT experts can concentrate on business solutions instead of solving technical problems. Management does not have to think over which resources to acquire and how to prepare for possible growth; Azure is invoiced by consumption, so its costs rise hand in hand with business growth,“ says Thomas Häggström (right), Hybrid IT Offering Manager in charge of Fujitsu’s Azure services offering. 

Azure has a low threshold

Many businesses and public organizations use Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service, which makes it easy to acquire new services on the Azure platform.

”Small-scale organizations get disk space and directory services from Azure. Large ones typically acquire more capacity as well as development environments. Thanks to Azure’s ease-of-use, scalability, automation capabilities, and full application offering, it lends itself to a multitude of different uses.” 

Azure scales from very light workloads, such as a company website, all the way to an extension of a corporation’s own data centre. It also make global operations easier, as Azure datacentres are located all around the world, so clients and employees have always access to as fast as possible connections. 

”Digitalization and use of data will change many businesses into software companies. It would be useful for them to focus on productizing the services they provide. We help our clients by considering the possibilities of different Azure implementations together with them. And when the client’s service is in Azure, we will optimize and provide support in managing and monitoring it. We also offer our own applications to be used in Azure,” says Häggström. 

Ease can be misleading

Azure is a very safe cloud platform, which meets the requirements of several different sectors. The platform gives developers wide possibilities to realize their own solutions. Making sure this solution is secure and compliant requires expertise in design and implementation.

”Azure’s ease can be misleading. Designing a more complicated environment requires knowhow and forethought. If, for example, Azure is used as a data centre extension, it must be secured as tightly as the traditional data centre.”

This is why you should use an expert like Fujitsu when taking services to the cloud; the expert can evaluate the current IT environment analytically and implement the most sensible solution for the client’s needs, e.g. by transferring operations to the Azure cloud.

Fujitsu also solves its clients’ business challenges through co-creation with them: client and Fujitsu will then define the problem together and seek a solution to it. Azure is often a part of the solution thanks to its flexibility.

A real-life example of both methods is the parking control application realized by Fujitsu, already in use in dozens of Finnish cities, such as Oulu, Porvoo, Vaasa and Vantaa. A traffic warden takes a photo of the license plate; the car’s information and location are derived from it and processed in Azure and then transferred to parking control’s own servers for further processing of the offence. Fujitsu develops the solution continuously with the municipalities using the co-creation model. 

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