Fujitsu Estonia donated 6 special pedal karts to Haiba Children's Home

Net 2017,  2017-09-01

Fujitsu Estonia donated 6 special pedal karts to Haiba Childrens Home

Maike Meos, Tanel Levkoi and Siim Palu in a race.

Fujitsu Estonia organised a special pedal kart competition during their employee summer days in August. Nine teams had to independently build their pedal kart, design it and then take it to the race. Teams tested their creativity and teamwork skills, but most of all the ability to create the fastest and wildest pedal kart. In order not to let the machines just remain useless after the race, Fujitsu Estonia decided to donate the 6 best of them to Haiba Children's Home. 

“Our wish was to give the karts to children, bringing them joy and laughter!” said Elery Ulmova, Head of HR Fujitsu Estonia.

Fujitsu Estonia created an amusing short film "The Fujitsu Race", giving an overview of the employee summer event, including the pedal kart race. The short film was premiered on 13th of September at the Apollo cinema in Tallinn. The event was also attended by representatives of Haiba Children's Home, to whom the pedal karts were officially donated.

Fujitsu Estonia's newly created short film can be viewed on Fujitsu Estonia's YouTube

Photo by Harry Tiits

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Published in the Net Magazine 2017,  2017-09-01

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