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Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service will be launched in Finland in January. Fujitsu customers will have K5 flexibly tailored to their specific needs. It can be a private cloud, running either in the customer’s or Fujitsu’s data center or a public cloud a part of which constitutes a virtual private cloud.


The K5 Cloud Service center in Finland complements the series of global cloud data centers the first ones of which are already in operation in Tokyo and London. Over the next six months, there will be new K5 Cloud Service centers launched in Germany, Spain and Singapore. In EMEIA, Fujitsu is investing all in all 250 million euros in the new digital services – in cloud service centers, among other things.

”The new K5 cloud service center is one of the biggest investments ever also in Finland. K5 is a perfect example of Fujitsu’s own digital transformation, a way to respond to the transforming market. We are making major investments and offering a platform for our customers’ new business models,” said Fujitsu’s MD Simo Leisti at the K5 release announcement event December 14th.

Local and global shaking hands

Close to all organizations that make IT procurement decisions today primarily prefer cloud services, and many have used them for years already. K5 supports the digitalization process of businesses, making it as smooth as possible. It offers agile digitalization, increasing operational efficiency, irrefutable competitiveness, extensive data security and comprehensive practicality. With K5, Fujitsu Finland will be able to serve international customers while offering its Finnish customers global service on five continents.

K5 is open and scalable. It is the only cloud service to allow both the migration of legacy IT environments to cloud and their further development using digital cloud service applications. Owing to its open source code, further development of applications and migration to different platforms is easy, releasing the customer from the fear of ending up trapped with multiple IT subcontractors.

"Our customers can flexibly choose a solution that best fits their needs. They can select a combination of local and global public cloud service and manage the view and data security level easily using the Cloud Service Management (FCSM) service included in the Fuijtsu MetaArc concept. It offers ready interfaces to multiple public cloud services,” says Director Matti Koskinen from Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Services Nordic unit.

”For example, Amazon or Azure cloud services will no longer remain separate islands but they can be integrated with the rest of the company’s IT and embedded in the processes,” he says.

An integral part of the MetaArc enterprise platform

K5 is a pivotal part of Fujitsu’s digital MetaArc enterprise platform. MetaArc covers technologies, tools, services and partnerships which comprise the strategic foundation for cloud service.

K5 offers customers a wide range of tools that allow organizations to independently and quickly develop and deploy new cloud services. MetaArc in its turn brings companies access to tools that will enable them to utilize big data and artificial intelligence, for example, as part of their future business.

Customers know where their data resides

In many cases, strict data privacy laws and regulations slow down the deployment of cloud services, particularly in public administration. The data security of cloud services is of especially vital importance to the government sector, as data must not end up in the wrong hands. For healthcare organizations, the geographical location of the data is important, as is also the case with the financial sector, for example. 

K5 guarantees that the customers’ data remains in Finland. Customers with high data security demands are now able to get a secure cloud service platform, which is completely in their own control, and alternatively resides in their own data center.

"We guarantee that our customers are at all times in the know of where their data resides. The data of K5 is always in Finland, unless otherwise agreed. You can also define how public your data is. Go and try to buy the same service from Amazon. No can do, as there everything is public and global,” Matti Koskinen points out.

A ready set of tools and a range of development interfaces

K5 contains ready tools and multiple interfaces that allow companies to quickly develop, test and deploy new applications. Since K5 is based on open source code, applications can also later on be flexibly migrated between platforms without the company ending up trapped with any IT subcontractors.

Data management and processes can be weaved together using the MetaArc RunMyProcess solution. It allows the existing services and resources to be consolidated into new packages, whether they reside in the cloud or in the company’s own systems. With the integration platform (iPaaS) offered as a cloud service, Fujitsu offers flexible support in building IT systems.

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Fujitsu Finland has used renewable energy in all its data centers and offices since 2014 and is powering the K5 service with 100 percent renewable energy. The cooler Nordic climate also further helps to improve efficiencies within the data center.


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