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Fujitsu - Newsletter, Fujitsu Finland, June 2016  

If you can teach it to an employee, you can teach it to a software robot

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) offers the tools and methods for speedy, effortless and cost-efficient digitalization. Fujitsu and Eera conducted a survey to map out the applicability of RPA in the operations of different customers. 

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Fujitsu Fast caught on with Valio

Development Manager Marko Tervala from Valio IT management is happy to say that in the organization of 3,600 people Fast has had a significant positive impact on the IT service.

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SOC proactively detects data security threats in VTT 

At the end of 2015, Fujitsu revamped the data security solutions for VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. CIO Markus Ekman says that in the case of VTT, the data security requirements are particularly high and they come from two directions.

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Swedish Transport Agency is modernizing its mainframe environment

Fujitsu Sweden is currently implementing IT environment modernization with the Swedish Transport Agency. This is one of the largest modernization projects in Europe. The project is valued at approximately 6,2 million euros. 

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Why focusing on productivity is critical for your business right now

If you’re running a business, be sure to take automation and robotics seriously. Both on physical and software level. Because automating your current business is required for your company to remain relevant in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Fujitsu advancing cloud-based greenhouse technology in Finland

Fujitsu will pilot automated multi-layer baby leaf salad production using the Fujitsu Akisai agricultural cloud solution combined, with Finnish greenhouse automation technology and Finnish companies’ expertise in LED lighting and environment control.

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