Glen Koskela: No time to waste in putting digital ideas into practice

Net 1/2016,  2016-05-18

With service integration, a company can quickly roll out a digitalization program.

”One of the major challenges that a CIO struggles with is to work out how an organization can both benefit from digitalization and create new concepts and services based on new ideas,” says Glen Koskela, CTO at Fujitsu Nordic.

Glen Koskela: No time to waste in putting digital ideas into practice

”Digitalization and implementing digital programs touches upon all our clients, regardless of what field they are in. There are companies that have only now become conscious of all the digital opportunities out there, while others are already exploring what the digitalization program has to offer and how they could implement it.”

The three challenges of digitalization

According to Glen Koskela, there are three intertwined challenges that digitalization poses to companies. The first challenge they need to address deals with the management and integration of the existing services.

”Once the company has managed to tackle this, they can focus on the crucial second challenge: how the company can leverage digitalization in creating new value, whether it has to do with customer experience or changes in the value chain,” Koskela says.

For instance, by making use of various co-creation models, the company can figure out how to stand out and create competitive edge using digitalization. Depending on each company and their current situation, this may bring forth the Internet of Things, exploiting digital information and the opportunities opened up by the disruption in the value chain.

After the innovative phase, the company is faced with the third challenge: putting ideas into practice. The new services and procedures need to be merged smoothly into the existing ones. For this task, Koskela sees a need for creating a process of its own – a digital factory, if you will.

”The digital factory is capable of introducing new innovations to the market very aggressively, in a cycle of a few months even,” Koskela envisions.

Service integration brings competitive edge

Glen Koskela says that service integration is an excellent way to respond to the challenges posed by digitalization.

A well-organized, controlled and managed network of partners takes care of all the already existing services and while also supporting the development of entirely new kinds of concepts and practices.

”Service integration frees up the resources of a company so that they can be allocated to the most essential task at hand – acquiring competitive edge through digitalization.”

Text: Kari Latvanen
Photo: Antti Vettenranta

Translation: Päivi Vuoriaro

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2016,  2016-05-18

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