Fujitsu advancing cloud-based greenhouse technology in Finland

Net 1/2016,  2016-06-02

Fujitsu Limited is advancing the use of cloud-based technologies in greenhouse environments in the Finnish market. Fujitsu will collaborate with Robbe’s Little Garden Ltd. which grows herbs and vegetables in Finland.

Fujitsu will pilot automated multi-layer baby leaf salad production using the Fujitsu Akisai agricultural cloud solution combined, with Finnish greenhouse automation technology and Finnish companies’ expertise in LED lighting and environment control.

Fujitsu advancing cloud-based greenhouse technology in Finlandkisai  

“This is one of the first pilots of the Fujitsu Akisai cloud solution in Europe. Cloud solutions have not yet been widely used in greenhouse environments. In the future in larger and automated vegetable production facilities this is even more important in order to maintain optimal conditions. The solution will enable monitoring and remote control of the greenhouse’s operations wirelessly on any mobile device,” explains Norihiko Taniguchi, Director and Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited.

“This is a very exciting collaboration where we aim to increase the competitiveness and cost efficiency of salads and vegetables produced in challenging conditions. Baby leaf salad has been selected for the pilot because there is growing demand for it,” explains Robert Jordas, Managing Director of Robbe’s Little Garden Ltd.

“Finnish companies have high tech solutions for solving issues related to growing vegetables in northern conditions with high energy costs. This knowhow is being put to use in this project. Finland is a pure, innovative and low risk country to do business in and a great environment to develop and test high tech solutions for the global market,” says Antti Aumo, head of Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit.

Finpro’s Invest in Finland was able to bring its expertise to the use of Fujitsu through its local Trade Center in Tokyo and experts in Helsinki.

Overview of the Akisai Cloud for Food and Agriculture

The Akisai cloud for food and agriculture is a service that has been designed to provide comprehensive support to all aspects of agricultural management, such as for administration, production, and sales, in open field cultivation, horticulture, and in animal husbandry. Fujitsu is also offering an innovation support service that promotes ICT utilization for enterprise-style agricultural management, while also supporting systematic management practices.

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2016,  2016-06-02

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