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For nearly twenty years already, the Bank of Finland has used Fujitsu's IT professional services. In 2012, the smaller service projects paved the way to a more comprehensive framework agreement, which was renewed in December 2016. The agreement covers both application and infrastructure professional services.

Bank of Finland

The bidding process of the recently signed framework agreement was executed as a public procurement, in which the total price and quality were ranked using a scoring system. Quality was assessed against the following four criteria: delivery of services, cooperation model, service management, and the knowhow of the needed experts. Fujitsu stood out from its competitors as the best choice, not least because the long-lasting collaborative projects between the Bank of Finland and Fujitsu have succeeded so well, enabling also the streamlining of processes using Lean methods, among others.

Vuolasto / Bank of Finland"We've been very pleased with the quality of Fujitsu's work and how efficiently everyone involved have done their job," says Petteri Vuolasto, IT manager from the Bank of Finland (on the left).

"As a central bank, our requirements are high and our IT services must function reliably. We don't want to be known for trying out various solutions for the sake of practice. Also, the international cooperation between central banks is continually increasing, so the solutions we use must bear comparison and even lead to new collaborative models."

"We expect a lot from our IT service provider – they must be prepared to challenge us in a good way and tell us if we're doing the right things. We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions for improving the way we operate," Vuolasto emphasises.

The Bank of Finland receives technical expertise from Fujitsu to develop the information systems that support its core businesses. The framework agreement will allow the flexible execution of assignments and the availability of experts either for single projects or longer-term development work as needed. 

"It's an agreement that also keeps us on our toes. If the service is not working as expected, it won't be used. So far, our cooperation has only increased and that seems to be the case also in the future with new projects waiting to be launched," says Simo Leisti, Managing Director of Fujitsu.

Technical expertise and balancing of load peaks

According to Petteri Vuolasto, the Bank of Finland's long-time cooperation with Fujitsu has always worked smoothly and has only become more frequent over the years. Highly competent people have been quickly and flexibly on hand and on site as needed.

Fujitsu's infrastructure and application experts carry out on-premise basic IT maintenance and application development work tackling, for example, questions related to ERP or case management systems.

"The idea was to build up a service that would be like an extension to our own work. Our in-house staff will focus on the specification and coordination of the solutions required by the operations of a central bank, and on the technical project management. Fujitsu gives us the technical expertise we need, balances our load peaks, and helps us with the actual hands-on work,” Vuolasto says.

"There is only one central bank in Finland, and that's what makes us special when it comes to certain characteristics. Our quality and security requirements are high, and it sets some prerequisites to people who come here from Fujitsu. We interview all the employees proposed to us and also check their backgrounds." Vuolasto adds.

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2016,  2016-12-20

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