Hanna Kivelä   |   29.05.2024

Executive, is AI your priority?

Nearly 70% of CEOs anticipate that artificial intelligence (AI) will intensify competition, transform business models, and necessitate new skills from employees within the next three years. This insight emerges from PwC's latest Global CEO Survey, highlighting Finnish executives' expectations for AI to positively impact income and efficiency. Consequently, AI has ascended to a top priority in management discussions.

AI is redefining how we allocate our valuable time. At Fujitsu, we've established a centralized team dedicated to leading this transformation. Their remarkable efforts in data utilization, use case identification, and AI integration have made AI's presence ubiquitous across all roles within our organization.

Our recent unveiling of a global AI strategy positions AI as essential for achieving our mission of building a sustainable and secure future through innovation and technology.

Responsible artificial intelligence requires persistence, risk tolerance and deep expertise

Deploying AI responsibly demands perseverance, risk resilience, and profound expertise. It involves comprehensive AI governance to align technology with our strategic goals and renewal. Given the heightened focus on cybersecurity as AI's most significant perceived risk, it's crucial to navigate these concerns without hindering AI's potential, particularly in combating cyber threats. Thus, I urge management teams to engage in open dialogues about strategic and responsible AI utilization.

AI's impact on energy consumption is significant, yet its efficiency is continually improving. The shift towards green energy in data centers exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, aiming for complete carbon neutrality in Fujitsu's operations by 2030 and across our value chain by 2040.

The demand for AI expertise is unending, with a growing need for professionals who can merge industry knowledge with AI opportunities. This demand is underscored by SiloAI's findings that nearly all organizations plan to hire data engineers, scientists, and machine learning experts, marking an exciting phase of career development and organizational transformation.

Deepening human-AI collaboration

In alignment with our commitment to using AI responsibly, our ambitious, company-wide AI strategy not only underscores our dedication to deepening human-AI collaboration but also projects our vision of AI as a trusted partner in enhancing productivity and creativity. This strategy, encapsulated in our new Fujitsu Uvance portfolio, aims to launch advanced AI and data integration services, reinforcing our role as pioneers in the field. By integrating AI capabilities across a spectrum of industries, we're advancing technological innovation and laying the groundwork for a future where AI and human ingenuity converge to address complex challenges, drive growth, and accelerate our journey towards a sustainable and secure world. Our initiative is a testament to Fujitsu's proactive stance in shaping an AI-driven future, where technology serves as a cornerstone for transformation and societal advancement.

Memo for executives

I encourage leaders to deeply consider AI's role in competence development, operational efficiency, and innovation within their organizations. Critical reflections should include AI's applicability, the potential of your company's data to enhance decision-making, anticipated skill shifts, and preparatory measures for associated risks and principles governing AI use.

Inclusion and transparency in AI discussions are vital. Understanding your team's perceptions of AI-induced changes, addressing their concerns, and ensuring psychological safety are foundational to a successful transition. Illustrating concrete operational changes through examples will foster a secure and inclusive environment, encouraging active participation in the journey toward digital transformation.

As we all move through these changes, remember that learning and adaptation are collective journeys. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes with AI technologies will cultivate a culture of innovation and resilience.

In embarking on this AI-driven transformation, we are not just adapting to the future; we are actively shaping it.

PwC Suomi: Global CEO Survey 2024


Hanna Kivelä

CEO of Fujitsu Finland Oy

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